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Embracing Ambition

June 02, 2021 Sasha & Shara Season 3 Episode 305
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Embracing Ambition
Show Notes

Question: What does ambition look like to you? There used to come a time that if you had children, you had to give up your career and stay at home and raise your family.  But today, we think that ambition and motherhood go hand in hand. We are driven to provide amazing futures for our children. Some may have great respect for a woman who knows what she wants and goes after it, while it may be perceived negatively by others...especially men. 

Today, we're joined by Jon'll Boyd of The Eventful Life and discussing how ambitious and assertive women are perceived in society. We take a deep dive into these thoughts and discuss how we as women, can redefine how we are seen by others.

Jon’ll Boyd is a mom and an entrepreneur; but has been most affectionately coined "The Mompreneur" because she started and has owned a business for almost as long as her two boys, Alexander and Jackson, have been on this earth. Her greatest triumphs and trials have come from both. She is a builder at heart which is why she started building her first business Completely Yours Events & Design almost 10 years ago after being downsized from corporate America from a career in Sales and Marketing.

She has always been a fierce advocate for helping women build their business and build a community which she originally started with The Planners Suite where she assisted event planners with building their business. She saw the need was much greater and wanted to reach more women who may be struggling with business, mommyhood, or just themselves and that is where The Eventful Life Enterprises was born.

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