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Panny Parents

July 21, 2021 Sasha & Shara Season 3 Episode 312
Swirl & Sip Podcast
Panny Parents
Show Notes

Did parenting during the pandemic drive you to drink?! We've heard from many of our listeners on just how ROUGH it was to juggle parenting, a relationship with your partner, work, and the many other roles we had to take on. 

We've all endured stress --- but the added stress of the pandemic was like no other. Today, we are chatting with wife and mom, Keelay Carter about how parenting during a pandemic has changed the dynamics of her marriage. Did you see eye to eye with your partner when making decisions? Did you feel like you had to carry the majority of the transition burden? 

About Our Guest:
Keelay Carter, is a mother, Wife, HR Specialist by profession, CEO, and Founder of The Keelay Carter Experience. Keelay inspires others to live fully in their purpose by sharing her journey of life and experiences transparently. Keelay encourages, supports, motivates, and gives back through community impact, mentorship, and curated events that allow women and mothers to connect and build a relationship with one another. She creates a safe space for them to share their experiences and journeys to build one another up, support one another, and to inspire them to Keep pursuing their personal dreams no matter what. 
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