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Surviving the Storm

July 28, 2021 Sasha & Shara Season 3 Episode 313
Swirl & Sip Podcast
Surviving the Storm
Show Notes

Have you experienced infidelity? Did you choose to stay or go?

According to Brides.com “In general, more than half the relationships (55 percent) ended immediately after one partner admits to cheating, with 30 percent deciding to stay together but breaking up eventually, and only 15 percent of couples able to successfully recover from infidelity." Additionally, "The Relish Relationship Report that was conducted at the end of 2020 found that around 26 percent of respondents had experienced infidelity in their marriage: 23 percent emotional, 21 percent physical, and 55 percent experiencing both emotional and physical infidelity.” 😲 

Is infidelity a deal-breaker in your marriage? Why or Why not? Today we're sharing our personal experiences with cheating, and sharing gems on how to survive the storm if you decide to stay. 
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