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Don't Do Bad Shit

August 11, 2021 Sasha & Shara Season 3 Episode 315
Swirl & Sip Podcast
Don't Do Bad Shit
Show Notes

A lot of us were brought up totally different than we are bringing up our own kids. Some of us were in church faithfully, every week while others...not so much.

How are you approaching religion with your family? Did you have this conversation with your partner before you had children of your own? How they would be brought up. If they would attend church. Which religion they would practice.

We can't speak for everyone but studies have shown that millennials are less attached to organized religion than their parents and grandparents were. Do you agree?

It's also more common to hear that millennials are "spiritual" vs, "religious".  Today we're talking about our experiences of conversion, spirituality, and the decisions we've made for our families.  

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